Kipp-Tester tests the stability of a tombstone |


First choice for stability tests of tombstones and standing components

KippTester | Prüfung der Standfestigkeit von Grabsteinen
KippTester | Prüfung der Standfestigkeit von Grabsteinen
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Product overview

That's why most choose our Kipp-Tester

Tombstones are exposed to weather conditions such as moisture and frost, which affect their stability and stability. Unstable tombstones are a major hazard to cemetery visitors.
In order to avoid accidents, the stability of the tomb is checked once a year by specialists specially trained for this purpose. We have been dealing with the stability of gravestones since 1997 and have developed the Kipp-Tester for this purpose. Despite a change in the test guideline, our Kipp-Tester is still the measure of all things when it comes to testing the stability of gravestones. Several thousand Kipp-Tester in worldwide use speak a clear language. That’s why we give you a 5-year guarantee on our Kipp-Tester with a clear conscience – Made in Germany in accordance with EN DIN ISO 9001. The days of the so-called shaking test are finally over, because if stability testing is required, then our Kipp-Tester is legally secure and will stand up in court! With the Kipp-Tester, you can independently verify at any time whether gravestones are stable and thus avoid any claims for damages from the outset. In addition, the stability test with our own Kipp-Tester is particularly cost-saving for the coffers of the cemetery authorities (cities, municipalities or churches).