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Second hand Kipp-Tester

… completely overhauled with a guarantee 

Because Kipp-Tester are also serviced by us as part of the annual calibration, they last for an extremely long time and only under special circumstances can you find a used device that we have traded in – we offer such tilt testers here They have signs of wear and don’t look like new anymore, but all the used devices offered for sale here have been put through their paces and wearing parts have been replaced. These Kipp-Tester are fully functional and fully meet the requirements for legally secure and court-proof test methods.

As with new devices, we grant a five-year guarantee on all used Kipp-Tester offered here !

The price of these refurbished, used Kipp-Tester is 50% of their current new price.

Payment only possible via Paypal.

In addition to the net price shown, there will (in all cases) be additional costs for fees, customs clearance, shipping costs and taxes in the recipient country, if applicable.

Kipp-Tester of the first series in "Basic version" with traces of use, completely overhauled, force measuring device cannot be attached, 5 year guarantee, freshly calibrated on request. Offers itself as an inexpensive second device with 500 N for occasional initial tests.

Currently no used tilt tester in stock.

Currently no used tilt tester in stock.

Currently no used tilt tester in stock.