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KTH handling aid for Kipp-Tester

… saves strength and back

The handling aid works in a similar way to a monopod. Examiners use leverage with low tombstones, which ensures correct examinations over a longer period of time without tiring.

Back and employees will be grateful to you – especially when there is a lot to check!

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net EUR 589

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Protection and relief for examiners

The Kipp-Tester is a compact test device for the stability of standing tombs: You take the transport case with the Kipp-Tester, go to the cemetery, do the tests, and are happy about the practical and inexpensive test device. . .

Handling aid – useful accessories

However, if you have to check many gravestones and have to use the Kipp-Tester in a physically constrained position and with great effort over a longer period of time, this can become tiring and lead to physical damage in the long term. Sore muscles and back pain can be easily treated with the so-called handling aid for the Kipp-Tester avoid. The handling aid works similarly to a tripod and you use the leverage effect. As a result, it protects against premature exhaustion, which should increase the test speed and the daily test workload considerably. The frame of the approx. 150 cm high handling aid is made entirely of rustproof square tubing, and all connections are firmly screwed. As with the double T, approx. 30 cm long crossbars are screwed to the lower and upper end of the standing part, which is fixed with the feet and held with the hands and ensuring correct and fatigue-free testing over a longer period of time. A ground spike is also attached to one end of the vertical tube, with which the handling aid can be fixed in the ground – everything has been thought of. Along the vertical square tube can Kipp-Tester can be steplessly adjusted in height, the required test force is easy to hold and can be read easily.

… saves energy and increases the test workload
If you are or would like to become a professional when it comes to stability testing, we recommend the "PROFI-SET" Kipp-Tester. This not only gives you the handling aid, but you also save considerably compared to buying the items individually because the price includes 100 yellow warning stickers “Caution, risk of accidents!” and free calibration for the Kipp-Tester.
shipping dimensions and weight
  • Length: 100cm
  • Width: 20cm
  • Height: 20cm
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Set up size: 150 cm
  • Handling aid for Kipp-Tester
  • solid aluminum construction
  • for fatigue-free continuous use
  • collapsible for transport
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