Kipp-Tester tests the stability of a tombstone |

Accessories and spare parts​

… extended device functionality

You will receive a transport case (required when sending in for calibration), additional handles, carrying straps and pressure plates (solid rubber on steel), as well as more on request.,

If, for once, your Kipp-Tester does not work properly,

under no circumstances (!!!) open the Kipp-Tester yourself ,

but send it to us in the transport case for repair. After opening, the Kipp-Tester must be recalibrated anyway. On request, we can provide a replacement device by express delivery.,

We examine your defective device, calculate the repair costs and make you a fair repair proposal - within 10 days after your approval you will receive your Kipp-Tester back as ordered and fully functional under the agreed conditions.

Payment only possible via Paypal.

In addition to the net price shown, there will (in all cases) be additional costs for fees, customs clearance, shipping costs and taxes in the recipient country, if applicable.