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Kipp-Tester "PROFI-SET"

… precise and flexible

With this "PROFI-SET" of the Kipp-Tester ,you have everything you need for routine testing of the stability of tombstones within the framework of the applicable regulations and protect yourself or your company from claims for recourse in the event of damage.

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Security for visitors and cemetery porters

Unstable tombstones are not only annoying, they are a danger to the life and limb of visitors and those working in the cemetery. For this reason, after the frost period, stability tests must be carried out and documented on standing gravestones in all cemeteries in Germany. In order to do this correctly and demonstrably, every standing gravestone from a height of 50 cm must be subjected to a minimum force of 300 Newtons once a year on its upper edge. If a grave stele withstands this force, its stability is in accordance with the TA gravestone given, if not, the gravestone is to be marked with at least a warning and those who use the gravesite are to be asked to ensure that the stability is restored. The cemetery operator thus fulfills his duty of care and is protected from claims for damages and claims for compensation for pain and suffering as a result of toppled gravestones.

"PROFI-SET" for professional use

If you often have to check many gravestones for stability and want to do it professionally and routinely and possibly not only want to save time but also money, then the "PROFI SET" of our Kipp-Tester should be your first choice: This set for everyday use in cemeteries contains the Kipp-Tester with force measuring device and drag indicator, a transport case, the handling aid, the tool kit, 100 yellow warning stickers "Caution: danger of accidents" and a free maintenance and calibration within one year of purchase - a Significant savings compared to individual purchases! With our Kipp-Tester with a force measuring device and drag pointer, you can carry out stability tests properly and professionally in accordance with the specifications of the Deutsche Naturstein-Akademie e. V. (DENAK) through.

Desired test force preset

The respective test force of the Kipp-Tester is calibrated to 300 or 500 Newtons according to the customer's requirements and measured using the drag pointer in the force measuring device remains comprehensible under which force the tombstone gave way. Although this is not absolutely necessary, it increases the acceptance of your exams by those who are entitled to use grave sites. An accessory that saves both energy and time is the solid handling aid, which works like a tripod and uses leverage. This is easy on the back and protects against premature exhaustion, it also increases the test speed and should increase the daily workload considerably. The frame of the approx. 150 cm high handling aid is made entirely of rustproof aluminum square tube, all connections are screwed tight and the Kipp-Tester can be infinitely adjusted in height. The 100 yellow warning stickers "Caution, danger of accidents" should be enough for now. With the "PROFI-SET" you are well prepared for your test orders.

shipping dimensions and weight
  • Length: 100cm
  • Width: 30cm
  • Height: 20cm
  • Weight: 5.5kg

Kipp-Tester "PROFI-SET" consisting of:

  • Test device with force measuring device and drag pointer
  • 4 handles
  • transport case
  • test certificate handling aid
  • 100 warning stickers
  • First maintenance and calibration free

Customer reviews for Kipp-Tester "PROFI-SET"

Hans Martin C., April 25, 2021

You should get comprehensive information before you buy because the statements on the subject of stability testing are sometimes confusing. In my experience, this relatively simple device (force measurement using a mechanical spring) is fully sufficient for legally flawless test certificates. The Kipp-Tester convinces me in daily use and I can therefore recommend it.

This allows you to independently check the stability of a gravestone at any time!

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