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Calibration and maintenance

… signed and sealed

We carry out calibration, maintenance, and, if necessary, repairs properly and professionally in accordance with ISO 9001.

Please label your Kipp-Tester and your case* clearly and legibly with the name and address of the owner. Thanks very much!

* The transport case should only contain your Kipp-Tester with two handles between the foam rubber pads – we don’t need more and we are only liable for this in the event of damage and/or loss!

Use the prepared DHL parcel sticker

Payment only possible via Paypal.

net EUR 139

In addition to the net price shown, there will (in all cases) be additional costs for fees, customs clearance, shipping costs and taxes in the recipient country, if applicable.

The Kipp-Tester is a measuring instrument with which legal requirements are implemented or their compliance is monitored. In case of doubt, examiners are obliged to provide evidence and must be able to demonstrate, among other things, that the measurements or the tests were carried out correctly in accordance with the legal requirements using suitable test tools. To protect yourself in this tricky situation, send in your Kipp-Tester  once a year - preferably outside of your "testing season" - for calibration (including maintenance) to us. With this service, the accuracy of the test force is checked and deviations are corrected if necessary. Of course, our calibration station is also calibrated and, if necessary, we will be happy to provide the certificate for the preservation of evidence. Our calibrations are carried out with a test seal on the Kipp-Tester certified and you will receive a test certificate that documents the serial number of the calibrated device as well as the date and the period of validity of the calibration. If, for example, your test or its result is called into question by a person entitled to use the grave site or your insurance company, or even legally disputed in court proceedings, you can refer to the test seal and the test certificate.

In the calibration process, your Kipp-Tester  is technically brought up to the level it had when it was delivered when it was new; If parts have to be replaced or repairs have to be carried out, you will receive a separate offer from us - the repair work will only start if the order is clear.

Even if you want to change the test force from 300 Newtons to 500 Newtons or vice versa, this can be done without additional costs during the calibration, because your Kipp-Tester must be calibrated to the new test force after the change anyway.

shipping dimensions and weight

Only send your Kipp-Tester (s) in the transport case

  • Length: 40cm
  • Width: 30cm
  • Height: 11cm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Maintenance, functional testing, and calibration of the Kipp-Tester
  • with a test seal and certificate valid for 12 months
  • on request change of test force (500 N or 300 N)
  • is usually completed and returned within 2 weeks
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