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"Caution, risk of accident!" sticker

… as an immediate measure

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It's about safety for employees and guests in the cemetery

Toppling gravestones are not only annoying for those who are entitled to use the gravesite, but can also cause life-threatening injuries. For this reason, all cemeteries in Germany are required to undergo stability tests on standing tombs after the frost period. Correct implementation must be verifiably documented in a test log. In order to do this in accordance with the regulations and verifiably, each standing gravestone must be subjected to the minimum force of 300 Newtons once a year. If a grave stele withstands this force on its upper edge in all directions, its stability is in accordance with the TA gravestone given. If not, the first immediate measure is to mark the gravestone with at least a warning and ask the gravesite owner to restore stability. Our warning sticker meets these requirements and thus the cemetery operator fulfills his duty of care: he is immune from claims for damages and claims for pain and suffering as a result of a toppled gravestone.

Warning – until the danger is over

A loose tombstone is a source of danger and must be marked accordingly - our bright yellow warning notices "Caution, risk of accidents" proven. Please note that simply applying a sticker may not be sufficient. Depending on the dangerous situation, the tombstone may have to be additionally secured against falling over or even laid down, or the grave site cordoned off.

The bright yellow warning stickers measuring 140 x 90 mm are supplied in a bag (so they are not on a roll!) and can be removed INDIVIDUALLY.

measurements and weight
  • Length: 140mm
  • Width: 90mm
  • Weight: 100 pieces => 0.25 kg
                   200 pieces => 0.50 kg
                   500 pieces => 1.25 kg
  • Sticker “Caution, risk of accident!”
  • bright yellow
  • now also gender-conform
  • Rigid film BASIC – semi-gloss
  • eco-friendly and vegan
  • removable
  • UV offset printing
  • 135x90mm
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